2018 KSUCPM Student of the Year &

2018 APMSA National Student of the Year:

Chandler J. Ligas


2018 KSUCPM Student of the Year Award

Nomination Prompt: "If you could go back your first day at KSUCPM, what piece of advice would you tell yourself and why?"

If I could go back and give one piece of advice to myself before starting at KSUCPM it would be to slow down! The first couple months at KSUCPM I constantly felt up against the wall and wanted to always be studying, to set myself up for the future. This lead to a lot of pressure from the huge academic load and the huge cost of school. I felt that the only way to succeed was to put in long hours of studying and constantly rush from place to place, in order to study. My dad would always call me and constantly say, “it’s a marathon, not a sprint,” and these words still resonate with me today. Throughout the next few years I would learn the meaning behind those words through a running group that trained for marathons. Everyday this group would get up and run, (running can be a challenge and sometimes you don’t want to do it) some days were better or easier than the others. Some days would be snowing or raining, but other days would be beautiful. The results did not come over night, only by being disciplined and consistent. I felt this was the truest message to relate to studying, everyday you have to do it whether you want to or not. Results will come through working hard daily by being both disciplined and consistent with your studying. Some days will be harder and longer than others, but those days will make you appreciate the ones after tests when you can unwind and relax. As long as you stay consistent and disciplined you will be able to succeed at KSUCPM. Slow down, enjoy the process, and meet each day with a new goal of going a little bit farther and a little bit wiser. One day you will be at the finish line.

The KSUCPM Student of the Year award is given to a prestigious leader of the KSUCPM student body. This leader has demonstrated what it takes to be a successful student of podiatric medicine, make an impact on the school, and further the profession of podiatric medicine on a national level. The Student of the Year is nominated and voted upon by the KSUCPM student body and the criteria laid out are as follows: 

  • Professionalism/Accountability
    • Attends guest lectures, attends class/college events, has class/clinic etiquette, timeliness with class/clinic, interaction with fellow classmates and faculty
  • Involvement with College and University
    • Activities within the college - organizations, clubs, committees, SGA, TA, extracurricular activities (intramural sports)
    • Any positions held
  • Community Involvement
    • Clubs
    • College/Classes Involvement
    • University
    • Self-led activities
  • Contribution and dedication to the profession
    • Club events/guest speakers, Capitol Hill visits, high school presentations, community awareness




2018 APMSA National Student of the Year Award

The APMSA National Student of the Year takes the award one step further. There are nine total Students of the Year selected from each College of Podiatric Medicine across the nation. The APMSA Presidents Committee, consisting of the student body Presidents from each of the nine Colleges of Podiatric Medicine, convene together to select the winner of the award from one of those nine individual Students of the Year. Chandler will be awarded with a flight to Washington D.C for the APMA National Conference on July 12th, to accept the award in person. He will also receive a $1,000 scholarship provided by the APMA Education Foundation and an honorary plaque. In addition, he will be recognized within the APMSA's nationally distributed newsletter, First Step, and other publications.