This event replaced the Alumni Student Bar B Que which usually happens the
first week in August after the first years are on campus. This event provided two
Student voted awards: Faculty of The Year (Tim Wittingham) and Staff of the
Year (Lester Williams). Additionally Two Alumni Awards were given out to
recognize two different graduating classes. OPMSA worked
exclusively with the Office of Advancement to make this event happen and they
spearheaded most of the advertisement, emails, and promo’s. Ticket Prices for
students was 25$, if the student were to attend both the Luau and the
Symposium the next morning (free) the student would receive ten dollars back.
Alumni ticket prices were 50$ and Faculty and Staff tickets were 50$. This event
was kid friendly and ticket prices for them was 10$.


This Year’s OPMSA Golf Tournament was held at Shale Creek in Median Ohio.
The Golf Cart’s and Reputation were the reason for changing the course location
from previous years at Fowler’s Mill golf Course in Mentor Ohio. Scott Schreck is
the Event Manager who basically was amazing with details in terms of
sponsorships for hole signage and hanging up the signage that we brought.
Basically we had a hole sponsor that was displayed on the GPS monitor at each
hole and green. We had one driving range sign with about 9 sponsors, logos and
name on a banner at the driving range. Then putting range banner with about 6
sponsors, logos, and names. The event started at 11:00 am as a shot gun start
and ended around 6 pm with clean up. Each ticket cost us 123.00$ roughly. We
charged about 115$ for individual golfers, 50$ for students, and 450$ for
foursomes. We made about 11,000$ in revenue on the golf tournament from
sponsorships etc.


The Symposium was held at Kent State University College of Podiatric Medicine
in Classrooms A and B. We had about 135 people sign up which meant we had to
open up both rooms and connect the projections to play from one podium in the
middle of the two rooms. We had 10 great speakers come in which we
sponsored 200$ gift card for their time. We gave the first 75 students to sig up
for the symposium and the Luau ten dollars back for coming to both events. We
provided about 100 pairs of light blue and dark blue scrubs for students as a first
come first serve basis. We catered event food (breakfast and lunch) from

Hall of Fame Dinner

Hall of Fame Dinner was Held at the Tudor Arms in Downtown Cleveland. 64
Student Leaders were able to attend the event free of charge due to significant
donations from leaders in our profession. The event included Awards for Student
of the Year, OCPM Foundation Student Leadership Award, as well as Alumni